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Team 7: Minh & Khoi – Thang Long School

Project name: What is the underlying cause of the forest fire?

The forest is the lungs of the earth and seeing it being destroyed, being burnt make us tell people about this devastating problem that is happening around the world. Forests are so important for our lives, and disasters such as forest fires when occur, recovery is really difficult and takes time. At 2015 and 2016, In Vietnam, there were 27 forest fires and damaged more than 169,3 hectare (according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development). And recently, there was a forest fire at Soc Son at 6th June 2017, over 50 hectare of forest was seriously damaged that it would take such a long time to recover and re-plant this area. Are humans the main cause of these damage? We want to find out the underlying cause of the forest fire at Soc Son.

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