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Team 4: Hoa – Hoàng Anh – Thuc Nghiem School

Project name:  Green Fungi – The Pesticide of The Nature

 Nowadays, the need of using organic food in general, organic vegetables in particular is increasing. For normal and clean vegetables farms, pests are a big problem.  Though we all know that using chemical pesticides are very bad for the environment and people’s health but farmers are still using them commonly as it helps kill pest quickly and also because of the advertisement of chemical companies. For organic vegetables farms, because no chemical pesticide can be utilized, problem with pests is even more serious.  There are several organic pesticide suppliers namely: Than Dien and Thanh Phuong.  According to farmers, the pesticides sold by these companies are not that effective and quite expensive (for example, about $1.5 dollar for 30ml of pesticides can be used on 360m2 of vegetable. Farmer needs to apply every 3 days).  A common plan protection methods used by farmers for organic farms include manual catching and a type of hand-made pesticide which is a mixture of smashed garlic, chilli, ginger and acohol.

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